Welcome to the new Natrona County Dems website!!

We want to send a HUUUUUGE “thank you” to the Wyoming Democratic Party for helping us get set up on this new service. Come back often to see what’s happening with NCDems!






2 responses to “Welcome to the new Natrona County Dems website!!”

  1. Steven Monteleone Avatar
    Steven Monteleone

    What exactly is it that you are actively engaged in doing to expose the perfectly legal corruption that has infected in our government?

    1. chair Avatar

      Hi Steven, thanks for dropping by our website!

      Your question is relevant, but our focus has lately been more oriented towards building the party here in Natrona County. There are so many progressives who feel alone, who feel like they’re the only blue dot in a sea of red, and we are trying to engage with them to bring them into this big tent.

      We need motivated people. We need folks who are fired up to help.

      In a perfect world, we would have members at every City Council meeting, at every County Commissioner meeting, and even at the State legislative sessions, who take great notes and report back to the body of the party. Engagement is how we expose problems.

      Right now we don’t have the numbers.

      We do our best, but we need more folks like you to come to our monthly meetings or other events and volunteer to help out.

      Our next meeting is Thursday, September 28th. We’d love to see you there!

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